Wellness Realness Podcast Interview with Margaret

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Confused by food sensitivities and all the myriad options for testing? Or even if you need to test? Have digestive issues and want to understand what’s involved in healing them for good?

In this podcast, my friend, colleague and former client Christina Rice and I explore the differences between food sensitivities, intolerances and allergies, the best tests to take for food sensitivities and gut dysbiosis, how long most protocols take to work, how to properly reintroduce foods, and more. We touch on everything from transitioning away from a vegan diet, to why you should say goodbye to gluten, to eating raw meat… and everything in between!

If you’ve wondered what the process of healing digestive issues or autoimmune disease looks like from the inside, then this podcast is for you. Enjoy!

181: Margaret Floyd Barry on Food Sensitivity Testing and Successful Healing Protocols

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