The Ultimate Guide to Gummy Molds

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Gummies are near and dear to my heart but not for the reasons you may think. I use gummies to help keep my kids healthy. Gummies are one of the easiest ways to get immune boosting agents into kids.

The first time my child was up all night with a congestive cough, I went running to multiple stores looking for something natural that could help ease the cough so she could sleep.

To my horror, I couldn’t find a cough lozenge or syrup that wasn’t high in sugar, processed dyes and/or synthetic ingredients.

I was disappointed. Why would I want to give my child what essentially amounts to medicated candy when she is not feeling well? It’s counter-intuitive.

Out of the ashes came this book! The Ultimate Immune Boosting Gummy Book. No longer am I dependent on immune support that isn’t 100% real food based. I control the amount and type of sweetener I use. I choose high quality supplements, 100% juices, real fruit and grass-fed gelatin.

If you don’t own the ebook yet, make sure to get a copy here. These gummies are quick and easy to make. In addition to the book, you’ll need one other ingredient to get started immediately.

Gelatin is a water-soluble protein prepared from collagen used to make jellies. It’s what makes the gummies gummy. Quality of ingredients is everything when you are eating healthy and supporting the immune system. We prefer Vital Proteins Beef Gelatin due to it being sourced from grass fed and pasture raised cows. On their own, gummies are a wonderful superfood with immune boosting and gut healing properties. The gelatin in them alone – especially if it comes from healthy pasture-raised animals – is loaded with collagen which rebuilds the gut lining, promotes healthy skin, hair, nails and joints, helps to balance blood sugar, and provides an easily absorbed set of amino acids that are mostly absent from the North America diet.

Now that you have the ebook and the gelatin, it’s time to think about molds!

For those wanting to recreate the fun shapes I made in The Ultimate Immune Boosting Gummy Book, you’ll find everything you need below.

Do you need molds to make the recipes in this book? No. In fact, there’s an “Everything Molds” section in the book that gives you all the info you’ll need to use a dish that you probably already own. Do kids love funny shaped things? Yes. Admittedly, so do I.

Using molds for these gummies, just makes everything that much better. Not all molds are made the same, though. You want molds that are sized appropriately, dishwasher safe and flexible. Below you’ll find our favorite molds.


This is a great starter pack. Stars, hearts, seashells, round and vortex (think Rolo candy bar). These are the first molds we bought. We got a lot of mileage out of just these for the longest time. Get them here.








Dinosaurs, cars, lego bricks, robots, rabbits, rocking horses, bears and easter eggs. The cars are some of our favorites. It’s always fun when you make your gummies go “Vroom!” Get them here.







Another great choice. Here you get the same rocking horses, cars, bricks and dinosaurs molds as above but you also get animals, flowers, and other fun shapes. Get them here.






This mold set has got the stars, hearts, seashells, but it’s also got the worms and the mini gummy bears. You’ll notice there are two droppers that are included with the set. You’ll need those for the worms and bears. A good variety of items. Get them here.




Hands down, worms will be a favorite for everyone. There’s something irresistible about eating gummies in this form. I find gummies go particularly fast when we make them as worms. Best to have a few of these molds so you can make lots of them! Get a pack of three here.


These are some of my favorites. You’ll get lots of traction with these owls and insects molds. Just beware, you might think there are owls in your home from all the “hoo-hoo’s” you hear from your kid(s). Get these molds here.

And if you just want the owl molds and nothing else…we’ve got you covered here.





To take these gummies to Ultimate Immune Boosting Status, you’ll need some high-quality, food-based supplements. You can purchase them individually or as a kit here.

We’ve got kits for each immune boosting formula or you can get an complete kit that includes everything!


Okay, that’s everything and the kitchen sink. Let us know if you have any questions.

Happy Gummy Making!


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