Superfood Popsicles

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It has been a HOT one this summer. Moving to Portland, OR from Los Angeles earlier this year, we thought we were escaping the heat, only to find ourselves smack in the middle of one of the biggest and earliest heat waves the city has had.

Without air conditioning, we’re always looking for creative ways to cool off. Chef James has been whipping up popsicles on a regular basis, and sneaking more and more superfoods into them every time. Not only are they refreshing and a fun treat, they pack a nutrient-dense punch!


1 can full fat coconut milk (some good fats to balance out the sweetness of the fruit and honey)

1 cup coconut water (for electrolytes and a little sweetness)

2 Tablespoons grassfed gelatin (collagen anyone?)

1/4 tsp camu camu (one of the best sources of vitamin C out there)

1 capsule Prescript Assist (this my favorite probiotic – read more about it here)

1 tsp raw honey

1 1/2 generous cups fresh or frozen fruit – mango, any kind of berry, banana, and orange are all good options. We used mango, raspberry, and blueberry in the popsicles in the photo.


High speed blender (our favorite is the Vitamix)

Popsicle molds (there are so many fun options out there! we used these and we also like these and these). This recipe makes enough for 3-4 standard popsicle trays, so you might want to get a variety, or you can put some in ice cube trays with popsicle sticks in them.

Superfood Popsicles |

Combine ingredients in the blender and puree until smooth. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze until set (about 6hrs depending on your freezer temperature). Enjoy!!