Scar Tissue and your Digestion: How scar tissue affects your digestion and what to do about it

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My eldest daughter, Sia, was born by C-section. In addition to all the emotional turmoil of having a very different birth experience than I’d hoped for, it left me with a big ugly scar.

I’ll admit: I was most concerned about the scar for aesthetic reasons. But I’ve come to learn that scar tissue is more than a vanity concern. It’s also impacting my digestive processes and function.

In this week’s video, my colleague and dear friend Dr. Caitlin Capistran, explains how scar tissue impacts digestive function and then shows us some DIY techniques for things we can do at home to both heal the scar and minimize its impact.

If you’re interested in learning more about Visceral Manipulation, check out this guest post Dr. Caitlin wrote a few months back explaining this powerful technique.

Caitlin Capistran, Doctor of Physical Therapy
Dr. Caitlin is a trauma-informed bodyworker who takes a holistic approach to working with the body. She specializes in manual therapy, including visceral mobilization and myofascial release. Caitlin uses gentle hands-on treatment techniques to restore balance and ease within the body. Her work supports people experiencing digestive issues, pain, muscle tension, fatigue, chronic illness, and mental health issues.
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Phone: 503-479-8349

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